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Lich King- Necromantic Maelstrom - 75%

danbedrosian, April 17th, 2011

Lich King parades themselves around as a thrash outfit that sounds like original thrash. It's a fairly large statement especially with the thrash resurgance occurring.

The vocals on this album remind of some classic thrash metal singers like Russ Anderson of Forbidden. It's a little tough to put my finger on who it sounds like but it's just not original. The vocals are ok as long as Tom Martin isn't trying to do death metal vocals or whatever the hell he's doing in the opening track named "Lich King". The vocals aren't anything special

The lyrical content of Lich King is questionable. On some tracks like on "Kill Your Guts Out" sound serious and "Mascot War" is supposed to be funny or at least I thought it was. "Mascot War" is about cereal mascots and metal mascots in a war. It's almost like they try too hard to be both funny and a bunch of classic metal lovers. Some song lyrics are just weird and don't really classify as humorous but this isn't there next album which as more "humor" songs.

The guitar work for this album is very repetitive. Most thrash metal bands will play something to a certain point and have an alteration. Not these guys. If they were truly classic-sounding they wouldn't play the same thing sixteen times. The guitar solos need much work. They are weak, stretched out, and repetitive. Looks like these guys had excellent teachers. I suppose they were told "Just play the same thing for five minutes and you'll have a most excellent song", hell, they listened to their Bill-and-Ted-esque teacher. I suppose the their teachers even told them to fuck the bassist over as he makes no sound on this album. Not even classic thrash bands did that. Bands like Metallica, Vio-lence, and Testament made their bass audible. Lich King didn't even do this. The drumming on this album is ok I suppose. There isn't much presence of the drummer but you wouldn't be paying attention to the drums if you were caught up on how damn repetitive the guitars are.

Lich King really lacks outstanding musicians. This is probably why no one knows them. That is anyone who doesn't play World of Warcraft that is (World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King). Maybe that's why they are signed to StormSpell records. I have nothing against StormSpell so I suppose that I haven't heard of them in association with any big metal band out there so that has to say a lot. I was fairly generous. I liked their effort and the songs weren't all that bad. If you want to pick up this album don't expect any classic sound is all.