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Winner - 85%

Shovel, May 21st, 2008

Lich King may not be the most serious thrash metal band out there, but they can still thrash the fuck out of your neck. This debut album from the boys out of Amhurst, MA is a solid record of old school thrash reminiscent of Dark Angel, Vio-Lence, and non-crappy Exodus. The vocals are a bit wierd, sounding as if they used an entirely different recording process for them. The production overall is nice, though, except for the occasional oddity in the drumming. I can imagine that this sounds amazing live, and hopefully Lich King will tour soon so I can hear them live. All of the riffs are extremely solid, memorable, and fast. Even the "slow" song, "Thrashssacre", has enough of a gallop to it that you won't find yourself bored with it.

Some of the songs have awesome lyrics, too. "Mascot War" is about the old thrash metal mascots beating the shit out of cereal mascots. "Kill Your Guts Out" seems to be out killing yourself in the most creative ways possible. "Thrashssacre" is about, well, a massacre of thrash metal.

On top of eight original songs, you get two awesome covers. "Bodies on Bodies", originally by Vio-Lence, and "A Lesson in Violence" originally by Exodus. This is thrash for thrash's sake. If you're a scene fag, don't listen to this. It may make your pussy hurt.