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They came to conquer! - 95%

dannycrs8, October 14th, 2012

"Maybe other bands play, and maybe Manowar kills. But none of that s**t matters, Lich King Rules!". As i expected, Lich King didn't disappoint. After I had the chance to listen to their last album I was sure that the new one will be a good one and after listening to it I'm so happy I was right!

First of all, the mixing and the audio quality are better than any other Lich King record. The riffing is awesome, many of the riffs are pretty catchy and the songs are very well structured. The drummer works hard for the money, the bass is audible and the vocals are as good as usual. The thing that impressed me the most are the solos, the composition and complexity is awesome. I couldn't listen to a song without liking the solo. All of this combined make an awesome thrash album. It's hard to compare this album because Lich King have developed a pretty original style which is hard to compare, still it's pretty obvious that the Exodus, Testament or Kreator influences are there.

The lyrics are written with the same humorous style, keeping you entertained: "Fans are all jerks/Thanks for the tour bus but now we don't need you... so goodbye" (Fan Massacre) & "I will throw a baby/To save the town from scum/They explode robot heads/'Cause babies are dumb" (Axe Cop, a song based on the "Axe Cop" comic) being my favorite ones. Not all the lyrics are on the same humorous track, though. Some of the songs are covering serious topics, like philosophy or the economic system. If you have a good sense of humor and you like social-based topics, you will like the lyrics.

The overall atmosphere is a violent one, as it shall be (it's thrash, after all), but this album has the perfect combination between music and lyrics so you can't get bored. One of the best things about it it's that it doesn't get repetitive. Maybe a riff or two will seem to be alike, but overall it will keep you entertained for the whole audition. Every song deserves to be checked out, but the highlights for me are "Agnosticism", "Fan Massacre", "In the End, Devastation", "Combat Mosh" and "Axe Cop". They also covered an Agent Steel classic, "Agents of Steel" and did an excellent job.

Even if you're a die-hard old-school fan I'm sure you will still enjoy this album. It keeps the old-school sentiment alive and also has that new-wave feeling in it. For me, it's one of the best NWOTM albums. Also, if you enjoyed World Gone Dead, i'm sure you're gonna like Born of the Bomb too.