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Leviathan - Demo V - 100%

cometogrief, September 1st, 2009

I'll keep this review short and sweet, as I have been noticing a trend of lengthy Leviathan reviews here on Metal Archives.

Simply put, this is one of the best Leviathan releases to date. Even with the progression of recent years to include a great deal more ambient, goth rock, and electronic music influences, this demo, released in 2000, still stands the test of time. This demo is necessary listening for any Leviathan fan, new or old, and I feel it is rather overlooked, seeing as how I appear to be the first to review it here. The examples contained within of Wrest's typical black metal style are shining and by no means second rate, and the exploration into other musical and vocal territory (particularly in the heavy voice modulation) are representative of a very intelligent and musically gifted individual. The songs seem to be torn from the hands of their original composers and remolded to fit Wrest's personal need for expression. They also do a decent job of highlighting the main influences from which Wrest derives his songwriting style. In my opinion, this demo, though technically not an official release, should be seen as such by any fan of Leviathan. Again simply put, these tracks are diverse and extremely well-executed, and especially when compared to Wrest's demo and official releases as Lurker Of Chalice. These tracks overall have a very black metal feeling about them, but like the previously mentioned side-project, delve into other territories that will both surprise you and make you feel comfort in the darkness of what you are listening to. This release should be obtained in any way possible by any fan of Leviathan or Lurker Of Chalice, but not necessarily by fans of the artists covered here.