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It's Wrest, but... - 70%

30PiecesOfSilver, October 23rd, 2012 my book it's not exactly Leviathan.

The creepy processed shriek from "Tentacles" and "Howl" is absent here - Wrest instead makes use of a raspy croak that reminds me of the infant-esque screech of Maniac from Mayhem. His voice here sounds easily mockable to any teenage prepster who doesn't listen to or appreciate any extreme metal. And much to my chagrin, my efforts to track down lyrics to many of his releases has been fruitless (his unintelligible growl makes matters even more complicated). On songs such as "True Whorror", "Her Circle", and "Shed This Skin", he mixes in spoken word parts with more traditional heavy metal "shout-outs". Interesting to note is the sound of a female google translate voice speaking a foreign phrase (being black metal - probably Norwegian) on the album's introduction.

The drums here are being played by Wrest himself (which is good for him to show off his multi-instrumental abilities [Wrest does list drums as his "foremost" instrument]), however for Leviathan I truly believe the drum machines worked better. There is also a lack of blast beats to be found (in favor of a more groove metal approach) and the overall sound to the trapset is more bottom end than previous Leviathan drums.

The guitars are still dissonant, crawling, and Gorgoroth-like; there are effects on the guitars (i.e. tremolo and flanger) that might be considered sinful in the eyes of some black metal fans, but I rather enjoy them. The intro to "Every Orifice" has acoustic guitar and tambourine that is somewhat reminiscent of Burzum (as are other parts on the album).

For the album's face we are treated to a foreboding monochrome hand containing a spider, alphabet letters, and the Greek omega symbol. As previously with "Massive Conspiracy", the Leviathan logo is absent from the cover. Very strange, however, is the apparition of the crescent moon (in the top left corner) that Wrest often uses - I can only see it on my iPod screen! For some reason it is not there when viewed on my computer screen...???

Overall, if you interested in hearing a different side to Wrest (other than his ventures in Twilight or Lurker of Chalice) than check this album out! I myself await for what he has planned next.