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Leviathan: The Demo Years-pt IV - 78%

WinterBliss, May 22nd, 2009

Containing quite a prolific demo period, Seven& Slaveship acts as Wrest's fourth public demo. Displaying a many similarities and tidbits of what would be apparent on later works, Wrest's demos appear to act as a book of recipes for him to pick and chose from and to develop further.

Seven & Slaveship displays music that is wholly leviathan and comes of a bit amateurish and simple in comparison to the adept recordings of later Leviathan. Furthermore this demo shows inklings to his many ideas, and the directions he would follow. Songs like "Light's Last Cry- Time End" and "In This Slaveship" display a strong flirtation with ambiance and a sinister atmosphere, whereas tracks like "Black Fire Serenity" and "Where Annihilation Dwells" offer a blistering and more straightforward approaches towards black metal.

The production sounds similar to later works, but no where as dense and layered, which makes some parts of the demo come off as thin and weak. A source of annoyance are Wrest's modulated and low drawl like vocals which sound pretty stupid. Songs like "In This Slaveship," "Embassador Of Misanthropy," "Guide Dragon," (the midsection of this song being one of the highlights of the demo) and "Light's Last Cry- Time End" are standouts and would be nice to hear rerecorded. Most songs revolve around the same type of formula, and find their strongest points in mid-paced blast beats and a solid tremolo picked riff, or a slow shanty of multi-layered guitars stretching vocals and an added effect/variable.

As with almost all of Wrest's demos, this stuff is really for die-hards. Being the huge fan that I am, I do not view any of these as essential, but they still are enjoyable; Seven & Slaveship is no different. For a demo, Wrest seems pretty on top of his game, and passes off this demo as quite enjoyable.