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Solid Album of the Year Contender - 90%

Jus36, March 15th, 2015

Far removed from the days of the dsbm essential, Tenth Sub Level of Suicide, comes Jef Whitehead's latest album under Leviathan, Scar Sighted. Nearly four years since the last album, Jef seems to have spawned something that has the usual dissonance and atmosphere you'd expect from a Leviathan, yet creates something new and writes rather weird music, yet still accessible to fans of his black metal and ambient works.

In all honesty, I was somewhat skeptical of how good this album would turn out since "The Smoke of Their Torment" had too much dissonance during the choruses for my taste, but the rest album from then on surprised me greatly with how truly fantastic this album really is. Jef's vocals are insanely eerie and haunting, to the point of almost being disturbing and painful to listen to. To the chants, howls, growls, etc, the singing is such an amazing aspect of Scar Sighted and is what kept me keenly interested in this album. The ambient tracks on here are splendid and create even more of an atmosphere on previous Leviathan's LP's, to the point of creating a painful landscape of baroness, yet can still be evilly aggressive. This album's similarities to Jef's Lurker of Chalice work is grand and I'd highly recommend it to any fans of Lurker of Chalice. His musicianship across all instruments are fantastic on here, from the dissonance of the riffs, the hammering of the drums, and rather audible bass (audible bass in black metal is always a plus with me, since the bass is usually washed out in the mixing a majority of the times.) The album length itself is pretty much perfect, just spanning over an hour of play time. Not too short, and it doesn't feel dragged out whatsoever.

All in all, Jef has made another very good album that any black metal fan should definitely check out, and I'm sure this will be on plenty of peoples album of the year lists.