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Leviathan:The Demo Years Pt III - 60%

WinterBliss, May 22nd, 2009

Here we have the supposed third demo from Leviathan and Lurker of Chalice mastermind Wrest. I say supposed because I've seen this marked as the fourth, but Metal Archives it's the go figure.

The demo's slow to start with the dull opener "Sodomize the Golden." The track carries along with a mediocre slow strummed riff for a great while, then allows a more wailing and sustained guitar to come in later on; overall quite boring. It's with the second track that things get interesting. Going by the stupid title of the demo, and what little I know about Wrest this could be a period where he was still delving into black metal, so he's paying homage to the cliches. The second track is very unLeviathan as we see Wrest continuously play the e-string and does little trash accents at the end of the measures. Furthermore he continues with a small handful of midpaced thrash riffs. Interesting that this is coming from a pioneer of modern "depressive" and ambient black metal; but nothing more than that. Track three continues this midpace run of the mill thrash riffage.

Track four signifies a shift in direction and what an odd direction that is. Beginning with an uncomfortable section, the only way i can describe as a hip-hop drumbeat used in a 80's horror video game; think Buckethead's simpler and weirder kind of soundscapes. Dropping the odd intro the song turns into a familiar, more fast paced kind of A Blaze in the Northern Sky inspired section that diverts into a nu-metalish odd section again, and ends it with a really hypnotic somber black metal riff; it's a very weird track to say the least.

Like all of his demo material, the drums are a pain to listen to as you can obviously tell they're electronic and Wrest continues with his odd infatuation with shitty voice modulation. This demo doesn't have much to it, I guess it is interesting to see what the hell Wrest was thinking at that moment, but it's something I don't see myself listening to often, or really ever.

Special mention to the last three minutes of the demo being superb and highly enjoyable.