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Not Even Leviathan Can Save This. - 66%

WinterBliss, December 31st, 2008

Four-Way splits are pretty cool if you ask me, cool concept and a nice sampler. We get one track from each band, each who hails from a different country (see, pretty cool, right?).

First we have Funeral Winds of the Netherlands with a super raw blast and tremolo pick style that seems to be the weapon of choice amongst the bands on this split. Raw production with subtle static and a bass-y guitar tone make this a pretty uninteresting track (along with the lack of interesting riffs). The guitar plays decent recycled black metal riffs for the most part. The track does gain points for the awesome break where the band slows everything down and the bass really dominates and the guitar is able to churn out a cool riff. Nothing interesting really, boring run of the mill high pitched black metal screams, blast beats and raw production. Meh.

Keeping true with the style of the other bands, Californa's own Leviathan produces a more simplistic, raw black metal track for this comp unlike his typical dense and layered brand of black metal. Raw and harsh vocals, pounding drums and guitar which plays nothing worth noting up until 1:17 where it breaks into this awesome black thrash riff that would even make Aura Noir salivate. It's nice to see Wrest expand his style and play a more thrashier black metal style. Fun track, but doesn't carry the weight or atmosphere of typical Leviathan. Poses an interesting "what if" question in my head, what if Wrest continued with this style? Judging by this track, awesome black/thrash in the vein of Aura Noir.

Up next is Ad Hominem from France with try at raw black metal. The drums really sound fake at times, but who knows, with this shitty a level of production it could be Neil Peart's own kit. While a lot more interesting the Funeral Winds, Ad Hominem doesn't completely win me over. Like the name of track leads you to conclude, it's pretty decent black thrash. Decent riffs to begin with then we're lead to chanted section of "BLACK! THRASH! DEVISTATION!" pretty cliche, but fun none the less. The best track after Leviathan's, but still nothing too interesting.

And finally we have Eternity of Germany, and that's right, you guessed it! More raw black metal. Boring, boring , boring cliche black metal vocals, a sea of static and blast beats and a somewhat decent riff which can only be heard from the bass due to the static feature of the guitar (i believe it plays pure static, quite impressive, no?). A bad stereotype of crappy black metal, at least it's fast.

There you have it. Nothing spectacular and nothing really worthwhile. If you're a Leviathan fan boy like myself this split is nice to have for his thrashy output, but far from essential. Those of you who like to label Gorgoroth's Pentagram on your iTunes as "true black metal", and think bad production always equates with good then this is the release for you! All the bad production leaves only the most unholy of all ratings allowed...