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Levendleed - Algehele Malaise - 80%

bonnoz, February 5th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Independent

As you might have known, Levendleed has made its full length debut with ‘Algehele Malaise’. Being its second release, Levendleed isn’t (yet) a big name in the underground Dutch black metal scene however that might change very soon being released through the Dutch label ‘Back From The Graves’ and the Portuguese label ‘War Productions’.

Let’s go back to 2019 when Levendleed released its first release simply called ‘Demo’. It sounded like a typical black metal demo but with that Dutch twist to it. It sounded good and we were looking forward to a newer release in 2020 or 2021. So the Alkmaarse one man project has given us a 2020 release in the form of ‘Algehele Malaise’.

Just a few seconds in and you will hear the immense difference in songwriting and production. It all has improved so much that you would think that this is a whole different band. Yes it still has its roots mixed into the whole new sound Levendleed has created however it’s being overshadowed by the whole new experience. Thomas has certainly pushed his creativity to the next level with ‘Algehele Malaise’. ‘Algehele Malaise’ feels like a twisted mental journey with a hint of schizophrenia. The double vocals do really play with your mind and I guess that is exactly what Thomas is trying to achieve with this concept album.

The sheer amount of pain and suffering in ‘Algehele Malaise’ certainly comes through and that is really the point of why this is such a great album. It deals with the strange, corrupt and angry mind throughout the record. There are enough moments throughout the album where you can catch your breath and take a moment to prepare you again for the more vicious black metal parts that Thomas produces.

Especially the last song does hit the feelings. 2020 has been an enormous shit year for everybody and ‘Uitgeput’ (Exhausted) does hit the right spots here and there for me. You can hear the person in the story being not as strong anymore like during the first 2 or 3 songs of ‘Algehele Malaise’. It is not that Thomas makes it more easier with ‘Uitgeput’ but he takes it more to an emotionally exhausted state with this song. An amazing song to say the least.

Overall it is an excellent first full length and it needs to be followed up with a big banger! My compliments to Thomas for making such an amazing record and hopefully we will be able to see Levenleed live in the future.