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Lethal Steel > Running from the Dawn > Reviews > CHAIRTHROWER
Lethal Steel - Running from the Dawn

Caliginously Stalking, Bonny Lass With Sword, NWOTHM Style - 72%

CHAIRTHROWER, May 14th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2020, CD, High Roller Records (Limited edition)

Can a heavy metal record's cover (t)art be any more fetchin'?! Well, perhaps with fish net fodder and a few choice tats, maybe, but even then...As for music doing the (s)peaking, Sweden's Lethal Steel ripped a page out of the ole new wave of traditional heavy metal cookbook (The Joy Of Hex) in order to serve this indelible four-course platter which mixes up classic fellow Boreal bounty akin to revved up and raw Lord Fist and, say, that starkly refulgent, yet darkly disused, Gothenburg cityscape'r/gothic caper In Solitude...

Notwithstanding a cleanly inceptive, albeit soon thrash-ed the frig-out pair of openers in "Weekday Refugee" (which could've constituted ninth commencement piece on the lads' kinked out 2016 full-length debut, Legion of the Night) and considerably longer, mercurially shuffle-some "Stay Away", front man Viktor notoriously and/or lugubriously brings to (assaulted) mind In Solitude's Nils Pelle Åhman aka HORNPER - obviously, a further Trans-Baltic man of capital letters - whilst some of his end-verse inflections, particularly on latter track, along with the fast-paced, hammer-on sh(l)ock fest which is "Ge Allt" i.e "Give All", combined with the circuitously rampant riff-age, make me think, however verdantly, of Lord Fist's Green Eyleen, a truly melodic sleeper from 2015.

To wit, Vik's quavering, at times downright warbling, enunciations on Frank Miller approved finale "City of Sin" smack of In Sol's wickedly Samhain-ian graveyard crooner -- that said, and excuse the steel boot horn, but when in [email protected]#$% will said old school once-was-mainstay re-enter the arena or fray?!

Courtesy of High Roller, Running From The Dawn (or damsel) tucks itself, however slyly, for your ribald NWOTHM inclinations, back to bed with only 500 copies of tri-colored 7", with spate of CDs 'twixt stygian fields of raucous, fist-pumpin', heavy metal!