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1993 and still OLD SCHOOL THRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 86%

Gabometal86, December 15th, 2004


This is Lethal´s third full length album. “Maza” from 1993 is maybe Lethal´s last great album and also an album which is way too difficult to find (I´ve purchased it used by 12 pesos, many years ago). “Efecto Tequila” is decent with some wonderful moments and 5.0 is crap. On the other hand, the first two CDs and “Maza” are essential discography for any serious Argentinean metalhead. Although it is not as thrasher as the band’s two previous efforts, “Bienvenido A Mi Reino” (1990) and “Warriors” (1992), it has killer riffs and consitent drum work all throughout the album. This release counts with 9 tracks, six of them with lyrics in Spanish and the rest with lyrics in English.

The album starts off with “Resaca” which is a total thrasher with a strong riff, excellent leads and very consistent drumming. The lyrics are about hangover. “Basura” is a nice up tempo number that features a tight guitar performance and a completely chaotic lead from the guitar duo Ortiz/Guillen, the lyrics are about junk and trash. The title track “Maza” starts with an excellent scream by Tito and unfolds into an excellent mid tempo tune with an ultra malicious thrash interlude. “Tattoo Man” is a fast, straightforward thrash song with a buzz-sawing riff that precedes the chorus and a goddamn excellent chorus “TATTOO, under my flesh, TATTOO, under my flesh, TATTOO, under my flesh”.

“Mike Tyson” is another excellent mid paced tune that has an effective reprisal of the main riff, a catchy chorus “Mike Tyson, amo del ring, Mike Tyson, no es este el fin”, a solid riff work and good drumming. “Beer Song” puts things up with its fast pace, pounding beats and quick soloing. Then comes “V.A.M” which is the anachronism to “Vamos A Morir”. This one is mid paced with a consistent drumming and a great chorus “Soy un extraño contra la pared, esta pesadilla nunca más”. Next is “Chicos De La Calle” which is a crushing and catchy mid tempo tune with a strong riff and matching bass lines. Finally comes “Progress?” which is a mid-level thrash song.

Tito Garcia sounds abrasive and clear at the same time. Eddie Walker delivers some excellent bass lines and top class licks. The guitar duo Charly Guillen/Claudio Ortiz is a bit more technical in the shredding than on “Warriors” but it still loosely has the same structure of those albums. I can reckon that because I’ve heard this and those albums a lot. If you haven’t you won’t notice the difference or at least, not very quickly or easily. Luis Sanchez’s thundering drums fit excellently on the fast and pounding tunes and keep the pace very well on the mid paced tunes.

Conclusion: All in all, this album gets on pretty well faster at times, slower at times, chugging at times and always heavy. The production is weak and the guitar sound is sometimes flat but if you like Lethal or thrash metal in general then get it.