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Good stuff - 80%

Muloc7253, June 26th, 2009

While I wouldn't necessarily call this blackened funeral doom, there's a great EP's worth of solid doom-death here, interestingly enough created by Attila, ex-member keyboard player for several NWOBHM bands, including Paul Di'Anno's Battlezone and Tokyo Blade. It isn't jaw-droppingly genre-defining amazing, but it's still very well written material and the kind of thing that I enjoy a lot.

The first comparison I can make is to Swedish band The Wizard of Doom. Opening track 'Dull Grey' would not sound out of place on 'H.E.R.O.I.N.' or 'An Odyssey in the Dark', and Legion of Crows play a similar style of doom-death with traditional, Sabbath-influenced riffs, a piano lead that comes in and out, sparse and simple drumming and harsh yet decipherable vocals, rapsed yet delivered in an almost spoken manner. The result is really enjoying doom and I think that this particular sound is going to become a lot more popular in coming years as the rest of the extreme doom scene is attempting to get more and more insane and torturous with the influence of noise and suicidal black metal, bands like Legion of Crows and The Wizard of Doom are taking a more songy approach, making much more memorable music that takes the catchy, bluesy riffs of Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus, mixes it with it with a bit of a commercial black metal influence in the vocals (think Dimmu Borgir or Emperor) and then adds just a pinch of My Dying Bride style gothicness.

The material here is strong. 'Dull Grey' is definitely the best track, but 'Coventry Carol' is a strong contender also, and interestingly enough features Paul Di'Anno on guest vocals. The production job isn't 100% perfect but it isn't really bad and this is only a demo, although if the band put out a full length I think their music would benefit with more low end and a bit less treble. I think the only complaint I can make is that the imagery is a bit confused, and the demo doesn't need song titles like 'Defecate' and 'Genital Torture'. I think I'd like to see the crows theme taken further, a full-length album based entirely around crows would be great, perhaps with a few samples from Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds', it would definitely make the atmosphere stronger. But as it stands right now this is a highly enjoyable demo and I recommend it to anyone that likes both old-school and new-school doom metal.