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More thrash! More! More! - 88%

DGYDP, May 17th, 2008

Yet another kick ass thrash album released in 2008. Simply put this is awesome death/thrash: nothing less and nothing more. No nonsense, but a whole lot of aggression and evilness. In-your-face thrash riffs and death metal vocals combined into one great headbanging fest. I recommend this to everybody who likes death/thrash or brutal thrash.

The music is reminiscent of old-school death/thrash, very much in the vein of Morbid Saint. The production is a whole lot cleaner than the '80s bands and that's the only big difference between this band and the old bands. This also implies there's nothing new to be found here, nor is there much variation. But who cares, right? The riffage is excellent and if you're in the mood for some no-nonsense thrash check out this record.

- the riffs. Hyper-speed tremolo riffs as well as mid-paced skullcrushing breakdowns. Everything a thrasher would ask for!
- the vocals. In the style of proto-death and executed with skill.
- the drums. Flawless execution and a balanced mix between death and thrash metal styled drumming.

- basically no variation. Nothing original either, though obviously that's not the point of the music.
- too clean production. Other than the fact that the production is too clean, it's great; but a rawer mix would suit the album better.
- the bass. Too low in the mix and too similar to the rhythm guitar.