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A thrash metal punch in the face - 75%

mblidmark, May 31st, 2013

Dutch thrash metallers Legion Of The Damned have since 2005, when they reformed from former band Occult, released five full-length albums and toured with Cannibal Corpse, Sodom, Kreator and Celtic Frost, to name a few. Descent Into Chaos is their fifth studio album, recorded and mixed by Pain/Hypocrisy main man Peter Tägtgren.

When I think Legion Of The Damned I think explosive, pounding riffs and strong, simple choruses. This record is no exception and after a short, kind of typical intro track the album opens up aggressively (How else?) with the track Night Of The Sabbath which really sets the mood. The album continues in the same explosive spirit with no songs that would disappoint a headbanging audience, Shrapnel Rain being one of my personal favourites.

I am actually kind of surprised as to how varied and interesting this record manages to be. Granted, it is no marvel of different styles and influences; however, the individual songs have a lot of substance and variation. Lord Of The Flies is a brilliant example of this. It starts out with a minute-long acoustic intro before bursting out into a brilliant, heavy thrash monster reminding me a lot of Sodom.

Actually, the entire record gives me associations to Sodom and Destruction, a lot due to the spot-on production by Peter Tägtgren. This is the first Legion Of The Damned album not to be produced by Andy Classen and the sound differs distinctly with a more enjoyable guitar sound, less in-your-face drums and generally a more dynamic feeling than the preceding records. Not to forget singer Maurice Swinkels who does a phenomenal job spitting out the hateful lyrics – his characteristic voice really takes this music to another level. Overall the entire album seems well arranged and thought through and I would recommend Descent Into Chaos to anyone who enjoys the occasional thrash metal punch in the face!

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