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Whoa.... - 90%

KayTeeBee, April 4th, 2005

Ok, when I saw that this Greek band was playing NSBM, I could hear the songs in my head already. Extremely shitty production with average riff, and extremely harsh vocals, etc. Well, Legion of Doom turns out to be something totally different: symphonic BM. And some extremely well made symponic BM, to be quite honest. This is some very melodic and symphonic BM, packed with brutal riffs, extremely harsh shrieked vocals, and what's best is that the keyboards don't kill the guitars at all. Not a single bit. This short EP leaves me wanting for more. Sadly, it's only 2 songs long, which makes for a total of 7:53 minutes in length. Also, the second song isn't metal, just a symphony, A fucking good one. It's a classical song which will make you picture an orchestra playing something very majestuous with passion, and a king entering the castle or something. The very sweet part at 1:40 only adds more feeling and depth to the song, as if the song wasn't full of passion already. About the main song, the one that actually has a metal riff, it actually reminded me of Sad Legend, the song "Han" is particular. With the exception of vocals, the ones featured in this song only change between average BM vocals to some even lower vocals. As I already said, it's extremely melodic, but it doesn't take away the brutality in away. Too bad this EP is only two songs long. A must for fans of Sad Legend, or Symphonic BM well made period.