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Leinad is the most obnoxious vocalist of all time. - 20%

Kriegsminister, June 20th, 2004

I heard this on the split with Veles, but I really only feel like discussing this half of it. Starting with the music itself, "Blood On My Knife" is pretty standard Polish black metal: a bit of brutality mixed with a healthy dose of epic melodic passages here and there. It's not terrible, but it's frankly nothing I haven't heard a thousand times before and it's nothing better than any number of other bands, including the aforementioned Veles. As Darken was involved with this recording, it's automatically labeled a Graveland side-project (see also Thor's Hammer, Capricornus, Infernum, Veles, Lord Wind, and nearly every other black metal band from that country). This is really unfair to Graveland, I think, though I can't for the life of me figure out why Darken agreed to play keys here. The music is boring, generic, and formulaic, and not even Darken's participation can save it.

Now let's move onto my biggest complaint: that goddamned vocalist! I've heard a lot of metal and I can safely say I've never heard a voice that irritates me more than this guy. Dani Filth can now safely abdicate his throne as the worst vocalist in metal...hail Leinad, king of the shitty voices. I normally like the glass-garglers, I admit it. But Leinad takes this dubious technique to a whole new level of pain. He sounds like a dying bird. The really high-pitched coos really, really, really suck. A lot. I can't tell you how many times I felt like turning the thing off. But I kept going just so I could listen to it and then rant about it here. I never want it said that I give NSBM a total whitewash (no pun intended, of course). This is shit, pure and simple. I wish Leinad had just come to America and kicked me square in the balls instead of making this. It would be less painful and it would all be over in a few minutes rather than the agonizing torment of the length of this demo. Avoid like the plague unless you're looking for music to force you to suicide.