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Legacy of Blood - Infernal Cult of Blood

An intermission - 75%

Pestbesmittad, July 11th, 2008

This release offers three ambient tracks and four metal tracks, one of them being a Samael cover. On “Infernal Cult of Blood” LOB continue to change their music. Gone is the black metal, here the band offers competently executed black/death metal. They have thrown out all the atmospheric elements from their metal tracks, i.e. the synths and the female vocals have been ditched entirely. Also the production is more brutal this time, more of a death metal type production.

The three ambient tracks consist of two neoclassical ones (“Bringers of Apocalypse” and “Dreams About End of World”) and one of monk singing (“Primal Lust”). I don’t mind the two neoclassical pieces that much but “Primal Lust” is just a waste of time in my opinion. However, in general I think it that it would’ve been better if all the tracks on “Infernal Cult of Blood” would’ve been metal tracks. The playing time of this release is quite short and as it is now, I feel that precious time is wasted on the ambient tracks.

Tracks like “Voices of Destruction” and the title track will satisfy any fan of blasting black/death metal, as there for sure isn’t any lack of speed and aggression in these two. “Blasphemy Hate Genocide” is entirely blast beat free and sounds like death metallish version of an old era (the two first albums) Samael track. “Ancient Rights” is a re-recording of one of the tracks that appeared on “The Fall”. I wonder why they felt that they had to re-record this song but I guess I’ll never know. Although the arrangement has been altered a bit, I still don’t feel that this new version is particularly interesting and I actually prefer the version that can be found on “The Fall”. That one had better arrangements and I also liked the female vocals a lot.

The Samael cover “Baphomet’s Throne” stays true to the original but since this version omits the synths, it feels like something’s missing when it comes to the atmosphere. What you get here is basically just a synthless version of “Baphomet’s Throne” and that’s it. “Infernal Cult of Blood” is neither LOB’s best release nor the recording you should pick up first in order to check them out. It feels more like some kind of intermission.