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Legacy of Blood - Divine Proclamation

Sworn to brutality - 79%

Pestbesmittad, July 12th, 2008

With the release of “Infernal Cult of Blood” LOB’s music became black/death metal and this style also prevails on “Divine Proclamation”. I wonder whether they’ve completely forsaken their black metal style? Only time will tell I suppose. All tracks on this release except for “Father in Me” are delivered in a fast and brutal manner with lots of blast beats and not much room for the listener to catch his or her breath. “Intensity” seems to be the keyword of “Divine Proclamation”, the music just runs you over like a steamroller. Nothing to complain about in the production department, the sound is heavy and compact in a death metal manner.

The synths have again been brought into the music. However, only on “Father in Me” do they have a prominent role. Otherwise the synth parts consist only of the very short intros to “Throne of Blood” and “Madness of Flesh and Soul”. “Father in Me” is performed with only synths, guitars (both clean and distorted) and narrated vocals. It’s truly atmospheric and perhaps feels a bit out of place here but nonetheless fits as a closing number. The only complaint I have about this track is that I think it’s too short. It ends just when I’m really getting into the mood of it.

The slight downside to “Divine Proclamation” is that with the exception of “Father in Me”, the tracks sound a bit too similar to each other for my taste. Most of the time it’s just blast, blast, blast and at the end of the day none of the metal tracks really stand out, yet I don’t consider any of them to be bad either. So, a bit more variety overall would have been good but if I want a dose of brutal black/death metal, “Divine Proclamation” will do the trick without a doubt. I also have to admit that I liked LOB better when they played black metal. I hope that we’ll see more of a black metal touch again on the band’s future releases.