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Leeches of Lore > Attack the Future > Reviews
Leeches of Lore - Attack the Future

Must hear weird western noise metal. - 95%

Metantoine, June 15th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2011, Digital, Lorchestral Recording Company

Leeches of Lore were one of most special bands to be found in metal and it’s almost a tragedy that they’re gone. Steve Hammond (guitar, bass, vox) continues to do his thang with the thrash noise solo project of Ice Queen and a plethora of other weird projects but the existence of LoL was a special moment in time.

Attack the Future, the sophomore release of the band expands what their self titled debut did. Compared to their latest two albums (check ‘em out immediately), the western elements are somewhat more subdued here in favor of a metal core (not metalcore!). Nonetheless, they’re still super diverse and the inclusion of acoustic guitars and country influences (such as “The Worms” or “Mountain Candy Rape”) works well with their thrash/speed/noise/heavy metal stew. In fact, that’s their main strength, they make everything fit together so well. It’s not aimless, there’s a serious intent of melting genres in one large entity here and that’s their bread and butter. They alternate between super fast (like the one-two punch of “The Gute” and “Deathgrip”) to some more epic, slower lengths (see “When the Sky Falls”) but they’re good at everything. They often get to a point where things get intensely blurry, for the best. They almost fall down the precipice but never actually do.

Leeches of Lore are a power trio with Hammond as the front man but the three musicians are immensely tight. Andy Lutz keeps things dynamic with some impressive drumming and he has the necessary range for their special mix of styles. Noah Wolters who sadly past away in 2020 brought the organ playing in metal to the next level throughout the existence of the band. It’s a perfect companion to the unhinged attack of the guitars of Hammond and even if it’s a background instrument, there’s a lot of moments where it’s able to shine. Their vocals are also over the top and even if they’re composed with the fact that Hammond plays the sole guitar live, they’re not an afterthought. They’re high pitched, pretty crazy and borrows more influences to the noise rock scene than metal. Fairly unique on that front as well.

While perhaps not as fully realized and all in on the Western spaghetti conceptual identity as Frenzy, Ectasy, Attack the Future is one hell of an album showcasing all their talent for inventive songwriting and it also hits a bit harder on the metal side of things.

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