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Real deathmetal, absolute power. - 85%

Fabien, May 4th, 2009

This year 2008, Unique Leader is incredible, signing destructive brutal death metal bands, such Hour of Penance & Carnophage, and more recently Lecherous Nocturne. Native from Greenville, South Carolina, like Nile, this last band signed by the label of Erik & Jacoby is far from being unknown, having released the very good and too short Adoration of the Blade in 2006 on Deep Send Records, and also with prestigious members in its ranks, as Mike Poggionne & Chris Lollis, who plays respectively with Nile and Monstrosity.

With no line up change since his last album, except replacing Dallas Toller Wade (Nile) by Jeremy Nissenbaum behind the drums, Lecherous Nocturne joined the experienced Bob Moore (Nile) at Sound Lab Recording in spring 2008, for sessions of the worthy successor called The Age of Miracles Has Passed. Close to bands as Hate Eternal or Internecine, the band has not calmed down between his two albums, determined to crush all around its.

Sended into orbit by a delicate intro, the title Just War Theory quickly devastates everything in its path, impeccably supported by the powerful blast-beats of Jeremy, and the six strings bass of Mike, who impresses by his presence and also by the rhythmic complexity of his playing. On such a base, Chris & Kreishloff unleash their killing riffs, imposing a considerable force of blows, reinforced by the fractious guttural of Jason Hohenstein.

However, despite of an apparent brutality, The Age of Miracles is still far from a simple succession of blast-beats, breaking his regular pace to impose staggering passages, like killing tracks We Are As Dust & The Sun Tripled. In these moments, Chris & Kreishloff bring real power, superimposing their riffs, to provide an incredible shade and pushing the intensity of the songs, to achieve absolute power during the break of ruthless Edict of Worms and the final of Dominance of Fire.

Each title has thus the element that distinguishes its from each other, conferring in parallel the strenght and the overall balance. However, The Age of Miracles does not contain any solos, despite the impressive level of its guitarists, and also lasts only 28 minutes, representing its main shortcoming. Anyway, Lecherous Nocturne is not to blame because of repetition, most often by dropping its amazing riffs only once, providing a true death metal music concentrate.

Surpassing its predecessor in power, brutality and mastery, The Age of Miracles definitively hits Lecherous Nocturne among the most dangerous current death metal bands, standing directly in the bosom of his brothers of Hate Eternal, Nile & Origin, confirming the excellence of his label Unique Leader, and of this terrible year 2008.