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Leaves' Eyes-My Destiny (EP) - 73%

doclindgren, February 9th, 2010

Leaves Eyes is one of those bands that you will either really love or hate with a vengeance. So, it should come as no surprise that news of a new album from the sextet draws some pretty strong reactions. Until then, which is mid to late September, Leaves Eyes offers a taste of things to come in an EP titled My Destiny. The results, as you would expect, would depend on which side of the fence you’re on when it comes to the band.

The self-titled track and “Northbound” are the two songs that will be on the new Leaves Eyes album Njord. As for the music on the EP, if the self-titled track that opens the album is any indication, then there is promise for the new full length. The song doesn’t come off as too bloated and even has more of a straight heavy rock feel to it with the guitars sounding more dominant. That isn’t to say that the things that the band is known for is absent, as the vocals of Liv Kristine Espanaes-Krull are still there. Of course, on the title track, at least, that also means Alex Krull is singing, and since 2005, his vocals seem to have taken a steady downturn. However, on the track, he seems to have rediscovered what he lost, as it is one of his best efforts since Atrocity’s Atlantis. “The Battle of Maladon” is more of a traditional Leaves Eyes song that offers more of what Espanaes-Krull can do. One of the best tracks on the album is “Scarborough Fair,” a traditional song that actually dates back to the medieval times when bards would go from town to town in England to sing the song. The remix of the title track is a rather pointless thing to have on the album, although since it’s an EP, it can be excused. The vocals are actually at their best, but the music is for the most part, pushed to the background, with “Scarborough Fair” being the exception. That doesn’t stop me from liking what is on the album, as the music catches up with the vocals more often than in the past.

No matter where you stand on Leaves Eyes, My Destiny (EP) will reinforce your opinion of Leaves Eyes one way or the other. The EP provides a good idea of what to expect when the band releases its new full length and offers a few surprises of its own. It’s too early to pass judgment on the new album, but if it is anything like the EP, then the outlook is promising.

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One rotten tomato threatened to spoil the rest - 84%

BudDa, July 22nd, 2009

Leaves' Eyes is a band that I really love simply because I personally think Liv Kristine, the band's front woman, has the sweetest voice in metal. She is not the most original or talented in a metal sub-genre dominated by female singers that keep popping up endlessly ad nauseam. However, what she doesn't make up for in vocal talent, she makes for in charm and purity.

What really is My Destiny made of?! Well, My destiny was released just a month before the 'real deal'-Njord, their third studio album. It contains 6 tracks in general. 5 tracks and 1 remix(of the title track). 3 of these tracks: My Destiny, Scarborough Fair and Northbound-are scheduled to appear on the aforementioned album.

One can say, Liv Kristine was made for this kind of music because as much as I have tried..I can't find fault with her on this one. Her voice is at the forefront of the music, as in literally..and the title track, My Destiny, epitomizes this. She overshadows everyone especially the guitarist, who plays a fabulous heavy riff at the beginning and the keyboardist, who is simply bloody awesome throughout the song. To actually be quite honest, I didn't notice the supporting cast till the next track-The Battle of Maldon. Wait, that is not entirely true, I did actually notice something! The bad, misplaced harsh vocals of hubby Alexander Krull-done without any form of conviction and lacking a firm grip on the song. Thankfully, this doesn't continue for long because everything comes to focus on the second song. The drummer is awake..finally!-executing a fine combination of rolls and double bass. Alex is also here too and although I do find his voice annoying, its only limited to the bridge and chorus fitting perfectly with the dark, gothic-JRR Tolkien atmosphere created. The bassist though, steals the show in this one, completely outdoes himself in the next and the next. Its also important to note that by that time we have gotten rid of any traces of Alex and hence the music can take its normal course. Anyway, back to the bassist. Subtle but intelligently played heavy bass lines leave their mark all over The Battle of Maldon. You might have thought, he could not top that performance..right?..Wrong!! Listen to Scarborough Fair were he almost plays a bass solo!! This guy is really good! If you can't get enough of him thereafter, then by all means listen to Northbound.

The remix though of the title track is AWFUL!!! This, right here folks is what reduces ratings by like 10%(Not in this case but surely damn close). Gone are the heavy riffs that made the track what it was and in their place?! An electro/techno and in some parts pop-ish feel! Liv Kristine..why..but why?!..