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Pure Beauty - 85%

CountBlagorath, February 15th, 2009

I picked up this single for $3 and it’s worth every penny yet not worth a penny more. I heard “Into Your Light” on the CD channels on my satellite and I loved it, but I did not know if I loved the band. So I went into FYE one summers day and saw it there for $3 and though “Eh, what the Hell?” and I picked it up.

There are 3 versions of the track “Into Your Light” on this CD. The album and the single versions are the same, but have the album version has a longer into (I will get to the third one in a bit). The intro is very symphonic with no metal instruments being used then it goes into the very melodic verse. Liv starts to sing like an angel and you almost go into a trance with the combination of her angelic singing and the steady bass. Then once hey have you sucked into their world, they hit you right in the face with metal. The guitars are melodic, but incredibly heavy. The drummer does some nice double bass work that fits the riff 100%. The chorus is very catchy, heavy, melodic and almost… moving. The emotion in Liv’s voice truly needs to be heard to get the full effect of this song. The song bounces between the trance like verse and heavy chorus and it’s over. Awesome track and must be heard.

Now, the b-side to their debut album “Lovelorn” is the beautiful track “Leaves Whisper”. I have no idea how this did not make the album because this is awesome! This track is almost very melodic and slow, but undeniably heavy. The verse is very beautiful with the great guitar work and angelic singing. The lyrics are about nature (as expected with a title like that) and are incredibly beautiful. Then a slow riff hits for the chorus and Liv sings accordingly. The drums are awesome and match with what’s going on 100%. The verse again and is the same as before but something special happens right before the chorus. It’s just synth, drums and Liv singing and the way this sounds is very beautiful. When Liv sings the line “Who calls on you now?” it’s something that is hard to describe. It’s so full of emotion and almost fills you with emotion. Then the chorus repeats a few times and the song is over. My favorite song from this single and maybe my favorite Leaves’ Eyes song.

And now for the third version of “Into Your Light”, the acoustic remix. Now, take out everything but the vocal track and replace it with acoustic guitars. This song to me is completely different from the regular one besides the obvious reasons. This song has a completely different atmosphere to it, an almost mournful atmosphere. The whole thing is good, but there is not much to say about it. Good track, but not great.

There is a nice multimedia section if you pop this into your computer. It has a nice screen saver and each track with a slide show of pictures of the band complete with lyrics.

You have to pick this up if you can find it for the price I did. If your wanting to check out this band, but don’t want to buy a full length, this is a great place to start. Even if you have all of their EPs and full lengths, get this to complete your collection or just for the one amazing track. Bottom line, get this!