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Good change, but Liv is still the best - 80%

thesatanistbr, February 12th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, AFM Records

Liv is the best, but times have changed, and they have chosen another singer. Elina is an excellent singer, does not disappoint. Changes are necessary! It is noticed that the original singer is missing, but, little by little, everyone will get used to the new records. From what is seen live, the new singer has a great stage presence.

Let's go to the album: it's not the best album of the band, but, sure, it's a highlight in the discography.The title track does not have great prominence, but it is a good song, showing that they remain firm and strong. There's no weak spot on the record, and the highlights are "Across the Sea", "Shadows in the Night", "Waves of Euphoria" and "Jomsborg".

The folk instruments are very good, even more so to enlighten the listener on the viking theme addressed in the album. Instrumentally it's pretty heavy, and the songs vary a bit from each other. It's cool not to have so many ballads (only "Fairer Than The Sun"), the heavy songs illustrate well the wartime experienced by the vikings. But a somewhat disappointing thing is that the songs are not very long, some do not reach four minutes. But they're still great tracks, so there's nothing to complain about. I think it's a strategy for when they're live.

And in the vocals part, it did not change much besides the exchange of vocalists. In most of the songs, there is the "angel" and "beast", some in which only Elina sings, the only novelty is in "Riders on the Wind", where they do a duet, with Alex's clean vocals.

To finish, "Sign of the Dragonhead" showed that they remain in disposition, that Alex did not give up of the band, even with the exit of Liv Kristine. 8/10.