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Mediocrity - 65%

Benign_Hypocrite, October 6th, 2004

Leaves’ Eyes is one of the new bands in the world of metal.But I don’t know if this album is metal or something else!However I decided to find the cd because of Liv Kristine who I knew her as songstress of Theatre Of Tragedy.She was basic member in the glorious days of this band and she is known for her soft beautiful and emotional voice.Now in this band plays her husband too,he is the male vocalist and the two of them are a good duet.First of all,I saw that this is gothic metal.But the most gothic metal bands are more gothic than metal.This is just my opinion.The album starts well with the first song “Norwegian lovesong”,a simple guitar tune,however beautiful and crystal.the keyboards that give more emotional atmosphere and the beautiful voice of Liv.Very good song for sure and one of the best in this album.The lyrics are also emotional and lovely.The second song “Tale of the sea-maid” is one another nice song with catchy chorus and melodies,its in the style of “Norwegian lovesong”,very good song too.The third song “Ocean’s Way” is one of the best in this album too,here we listen for the first in this album the vocals of Alex Krull.They give more powerful atmosphere in the song.The fourth song “lovelorn” is the title of the album too,soft,emotional song with combined with the sweet voice of Liv.But this thing is getting boring after the fourth song,I think “temptation” is the most heavy song in this album,with fast drums at some points.But all the songs continue in the same style and this thing is boring.The production is just good not something awesome,but its ok.If you’re fan of old theatre of tragedy and you like the voice of Liv Kristine very much you have to listen to this,I think that you like it.But its not something unique or something perfect to listen.Just for the fans of this sort of metal.