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Great if you never heard the demos with Martin - 82%

malibuman, August 10th, 2006

I don’t know about you, but the last Leatherwolf album I heard was Street Ready back in 1989, and truth be told this isn’t a million miles away from that one despite the fact that only 2 members remain from that line-up. New vocalist Wade Black does a good job replacing Michael Oliveri, although the fact that he doesn’t play guitar rather buggers up the triple-axe-attack thing….but still. The only thing is that I have to say I preferred the demo’s that were on the band’s website with Jeff Martin (Racer X) so that’s a shame, but I think if I’d never heard them then I wouldn’t have a problem.

Actually, the fact that I already knew three of these songs really well kind of makes it hard to get into the other songs, but as I listen to it more they are definitely coming on board. The only track I have a slight problem with is ‘King of the Ward’, which in all honesty sounds like Lynch Mob. Not that I have a problem with Lynch Mob as such, but, well, I don’t expect that sort of thing from this band - so I guess that’s my problem - right???

Awesome demo track ‘Behind the Gun’ is the first of the ‘Martin’ tracks to appear and it’s good, but there’s something about it. See, the demo’s were raw and they had a much more natural drum sound and the guitars were a bit more abrasive, whereas this has that ‘Street Ready’ polish about it that just makes it a tad softer than it should be, also Wade sings well, but Martin’s voice has more character.

I dunno, if you like Leatherwolf then in all honesty I think you will really like this album because it’s a proper Leatherwolf album for sure, with plenty of soloing and great songs. And overall, crappy looking artwork aside (which is somewhat reminiscent of Hypocrisy’s Fourth Dimension) this is a quality album….and it’s damn nice to hear some proper guitar playing in these days of down tuned Nu-Metal bollocks!

I just really wished I’d never heard the demo versions, but I guess I’ll get past it sooner or later.