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Never judge a book by its cover. - 90%

hells_unicorn, November 30th, 2008

During the glory days when MTV determined who was a great musician and who was a hack in the eyes of the mindless public (and still does technically), this song enjoyed a fair amount of time on the video rotation. Like most music videos of the time, what you saw was pretty boring but you didn’t care because the music was great. Nowadays the opposite tend to be true, as everyone seems to be obsessed with adding CGI in order to cover for really vapid and banal music playing in the background. And to think that Kurt Cobain had the gall to accuse 80s metal bands of being image based when you look at what his pop/rock oriented dribble essentially paved the way for.

Anyway, the music on here is definitely accessible, probably the most accessible in terms of song structure and delivery. The A side is a simple power ballad consisting of 4 or 5 chords for most of it’s duration, though it compensates for its simplicity with some really powerful vocal work. It’s accompanied by two melodic speed metal numbers, which is the only way to market metal, by fooling a propagandized pop music adherent into buying this with one somewhat safe sounding 80s power ballad that just goes borderline on the aggression, and then assaulting his ears with 2 concentrated doses of unfettered power and aggression in the manner that Accept would occasionally place at the very beginning of their albums.

If you ever had a chance to see the music video for this song, it is understandable why some might dismiss this band as an easy listening hair band sporting a couple of token influences from Dokken, but the B sides on this alone would be enough to lay this premise to rest rather quickly, let alone listening to the full length album “Street Ready” all the way through. Good times, good riffs, good solos, basically if its 80s and its good, it’s in here.