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Man was this a let down. - 41%

hells_unicorn, November 30th, 2008

It’s unfortunate that expectations can get in the way of someone falling in love with an album by one of their favorite bands, but that is basically what happened during the lead up to Leatherwolf’s come back album “World Asylum”. Some bands can make the transition from a classic 80s format, but bands that are really well rooted in the 80s traditions don’t belong putting together albums that are as overproduced as what is on this demo, as well as everything else on the other 2 demos that preceded the 2006 full length, to speak nothing for how muddy and bass heavy the guitar tracks sound.

These songs aren’t necessarily bad per say, but they are so front loaded with muddy, down tuned distortion and have so much bass presence that all of the solid riff ideas going on get caught in the blur of overloud percussive noise. You can also tell that that the band is basically still operating on a similar wavelength as they were in the 80s when they put out all of those godly albums when you listen to the lead work on the top of the arrangement, particularly on “Behind The Gun”. The intro riff of “Disconnect” is the same story, but in this case the overloud and dead sounding drums overtake the song.

Racer X vocalist Jeff Martin does a fairly decent job, although he gets really carried away with the high notes and does a few really crappy sounding half shouted sections that sound like their off of Machine Head’s latest abomination of an album. Oh yeah, and could you guys lay off on all the lame studio gimmicks and vocal effects and just sing the damn song? This is the essential problem with modern power metal albums, they have very little depth and literally sound like their doing a performance in a living room rather than the concert hall, which Eric Adams properly referred to as the only place where metal belongs.

I’m sorry, but a messy production job and no Michael Olivieri equal no Leatherwolf, end of story. If I wanted to hear another Seven Witches clone or had a higher regard for Metalium’s last 2 half assed studio efforts maybe I’d feel differently. I downloaded this for free from the band’s website and I would love nothing more than to get my 15 minutes back.