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Leather Angel Was a Band of Bad Ass Ladies! - 90%

Pratl1971, February 15th, 2008

the ealry 80s Los Angeles scene was pretty lively after the punk movement moved itself underground a bit more frequently. The likes of Motley Crue, RATT, Steeler, and similar bands of that ilk were permeating the club scene. While we know well the fate of some, if not most, of these bands in the present day Leather Angel was one that was, sadly, passed over.

The EP We Came to Kill has some damn solid songs that are very reminiscent of the time period without really sounding dated. It's a heavy, brooding feel that a lot of the Sunset Strip bands should have bought the formula for but never managed to get. The vocals are nothing amazing, but they fit the music and mood perfectly!

Supposedly the story goes that Nikki Sixx discovered the band and gave them some advice and/or exposure in the local scene, though past one EP the band did little to garner much attention. The band consisted of four ladies that stepped right out of a leather fetish fantasy but rocked pretty damn hard in the process. I'd classify their tunes as more NWOBHM sounding with slight elements of that aforementioned L.A. scene sneaking in here and there. The members of the band went on to form other bans like Jaded Lady and a couple of others that are lost to time. That said, this little EP is a real gem that should be sought out and coveted simply because these women could have made a real mark on the scene.

Why the gods chose it not be is anyone's guess...