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Le Griffe > You're Killing Me > Reviews > DeathRiderDoom
Le Griffe - You're Killing Me

Consummate Professionalism - 75%

DeathRiderDoom, March 31st, 2010

Le Griffe was a quality NWOBHM band that build up regard largely on the strengths of the EP ‘Breaking Strain’. This odd single features two versions of a track from that EP, as well as one other, unreleased track. These are great tracks – solid NWOBHM that rocks out pretty hard and is sure to get your head nodding, but I feel an album of entirely new unreleased material would have been a better option. Re-releasing the same songs on different albums usually tends to annoy me, and I’m sure Le Griffe had some other materials they could’ve offered up for Bullet Records for this thing. Anyway, it’s solid NWOBHM, with a decent production job that brings the song through. Great release but makes me a bit sad they never had a full length – coz it would’ve been a NWOBHM classic if their material was any bit as good as this. This bands material is well written, with a real air of professionalism and solidity about it.

‘You’re Killing Me’ is a great track – a penchant for great, catchy, melodic, yet hard rocking catchy numbers is on display here. Bands like Wildfire, Trespass, More have a similar approach and talent at this sorta thing. Nice catchy chorus displays some good songwriting abilities, while the riffs and solos are great. Anyway, a decent production job carries the drums, guitar, and especially the bass through really nicely in this track. Of the two versions I prefer the original non-radio version. E.T.A. is an ass-kicker with a very much Saxonish feel overall. Rockin’ almost boogie-ish riffs mixed with the powerful, smooth vocals of Hatton combine to form a smooth flowing, pounder of a track that just oozes professionalism (in the same sense that Trespass and Saxon do. Here they also sound a bit like More or E.F. Band. Another brilliantly crafted solo and great vocal harmonies polish the thing off.