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I'd kiss them if I could - 80%

black_slime, March 16th, 2012

To start off this review I'm going to say this as simply as possible - THIS FUCKINGLY AWESOME BAND IS AWESOME AND TOTALLY UNDERRATED. I can't believe how just a few thousand people know about this band. Or do I get the wrong impression? Nope. This band is totally not mainstream and certainly not well on the screens.

It's a shame really that LD didn't quite succeed in spreading their awesomnes throughout the world. Pure punk and thrash combined with some awesomely hilarious and funny piano buzzers that make you spread out your eyes like you're a retard. It's simple really. LD is a band, which plays punk in a metal kind of way, From the first recording till the last, they're consistent in what they do, the songs are fairly good, moshy, bangable and somewhat epic.

The vocals are pretty basic punk, but still they get 15% in my grading system for a unique voice color. The lyrics are also basic punk and they get 15% for being just what they're supposed to be, humorous and "Everything's funny in the world, so sod off"-british styled pure sarcasm. Although they are what they are guitar riffage seems pretty much well worked over. They really do have some brilliant riffs and rhythm twirls in their songs, and everything seems to stack like puzzles with the guitar sound. So riffage gets epic 20% for being pure epic. As far as bass lines go, they're pretty straight forward and pretty much make everything sound more metal, and for that they get 15%. And drumming, last but not least important, gets 20 % for being a killer rhythm machine and making the band sound like an sarcastic punk beast.

So all in all I recommend LD to everyone who appreciates some good humorous music, some very solid riffage, and all in all insane punk recordings of 5 fellows, 5 very talented fellows.