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Pretty cool stuff - 87%

MetalThrashingMad, June 18th, 2011

Roope really shows us what he can do on this recording, I'm not saying he didn't in Stone, but this album is just focused on shredding and melody. All of this stuff is worth a listen for Stone fans, if they can find it that is.

Production is very average; it doesn't really add or take away from the album. The drumming is standard for a melodic band... drummers aren't really missing anything. Bass guitar is pretty good, plays some generally technical licks and keeps things interesting. The guitar playing on the other hand, awesome shredding sweeping, great legato stuff, the melodies and riffs always make sense and give a good direction in the songs. There's so much going on with the guitars, you'd probably think that most of it was improv if it wasn't so tight and flowing. Maybe some of it is improvised... I'm not sure. It's like the jam album of the melodic metal world.

Overall a very worthwhile album, if you see it somewhere, get ahold of it. Definately for fans of the playing of Jeff Waters, Greg Christian, Tommy Vitterli etc. among others.