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Last Dissonance - Wealth Slaves - 92%

Edmund Sackbauer, October 9th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Independent

Barcelona is not only the place where the greatest footballer of the current era has chosen to live but also a good location when looking for interesting new bands. One more example for this is a very young band that after having formed in 2016 are presenting their debut EP called “Wealth Slaves”. Consisting of only 5 tracks it shows that these guys are clearly talented and therefore this release is worth a few lines.

The band describes the sound as “Melodic Death Metal influenced by Deathcore” and while this is quite accurate the Deathcore influences are only presented in small doses. The basis of the sound are traditional riffs that have been played by bands like Dark Tranquility in the past enhanced by a few more modern staccato parts. While this is nothing new Last Dissonance have a good feeling how to combine the uplifting basic chords with the great melodies presented by the lead guitars. Each song is full of nice harmonies that are sometimes presented in shorter sections but also in a few well-done soloing parts. There is always something going on in the background driving the mood of each single song.

The rhythm section is on point forming the perfect backbone for the swirling melodies. The songwriting is very good and stringent and Last Dissonance make sure that there is not one moment of boringness during the 20 minutes playing time. The songs show a lot of variation with fast parts but also a lot of mid-tempo sections that enhance the overall mood of the record. Generally speaking atmosphere is something of importance for these Spaniards and they added a few surprises like break-down parts where the tempo is completely taken out before a hypnotic melody is rising from the silence before the riff attacks start again.

Singer Pablo is doing a great job switching between typical growls and a few sinister and screaming pieces. He is delivering with intensity ramping up the overall brutality of the music. The combination of all those elements is what makes the music of Last Dissonance so interesting and while I would not call the music innovative they managed to add their own DNA into the sound.

The production is impressive given the fact that this is a self-recorded and self-published piece of music. The guitars are crunchy and the drums have a very natural tone. The mix is transparent and nothing is buried or sounding muddy. Rounded off by a great cover artwork this is a short but nice appetizer for things to come.