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Perfect Combination of Several Genres - 91%

IcemanJ256, January 10th, 2012

Since my recent discovery of Alcest, I have become somewhat of a Neige fanboy, researching every project he has been involved in. I actually wasn't too excited about buying this album after listening to a few songs, but I figured what the heck and bought it anyway. Glad I did, because it has turned out to be the best non-Alcest Neige album I have found so far and one of my top purchases of 2011. It is definitely much more on the black metal end of the spectrum than Alcest, but I'd say it fuses post-rock with black metal rather than shoegaze, and blends in quite a bit of jazzy and even progressive influences. Blastbeats and shrilling cries are prominent, and pierce through the surface of the warmer, bass-and-drum arrangements and melodic clean riffing just at the perfect times. By the way, the drumming on this album is top-notch.

I usually need at least a little variety and melody in my metal in order to be an interest to me. I think Lantlôs takes just the right amount of inspiration from black metal and spins it into their own creation. They create the perfect combination of several genres, without overdoing it and remaining true to themselves. The songs flow seamlessly from soft to heavy parts, and everything in between.

My favorite track has got to be "Coma," the main riff and its corresponding drumming is just magnificent. "These Nights Were Ours" is probably my second pick, starting with a calm, clean intro and burgeoning into a hellstorm you never want to subside.

It looks like Neige has quite a prolific career ahead of him, and I'm certainly looking forward to it.

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