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Holy. Shit. - 100%

Countenance, July 29th, 2010

I purchased Lantlôs's first album, their self titled debut, and I was impressed. It's some of the best music you will listen to. It's atmospheric. It's amazing. It's... beautiful. When I heard they were releasing a new album, I was overly excited. I counted down the days to this release. And when it came out, I ran out and bought it. And I must say, it is a better effort than before. This is near perfection, if not perfect.

The album starts of with Minumensch. The song itself is beautiful, starting off jazzy, and then progressing nicely. Next is These Nights Were Ours. It begins with an acoustic intro, then moves on to the more atmospheric black metal.

Next is Pulse/Surreal. In my opinion, it is the highlight of the album. It starts off extremely jazzy, with Neige using clean vocals. These vocals are beautiful, and fit into the part perfectly. It makes me wish the entire song was that way, but oh well. Maybe another time. The guitars and drums kick into full black-metal mode, but Neige's vocals stay amazing. Timed perfectly, pitched perfectly... I just can't stop listening to the song. Definitely the best song on the album.

Neige de Mars seems to begin differently than the others, fast. And it stays fast. This song brings variety, making the album a lot better. .neon, on the other hand, slowly builds up to a relatively slow beat. The guitar has an interesting riff, and the bass is interesting. About halfway through the song, you can hear a female voice talking in the background. I'm not sure what she's saying, but it fits in with the song. The drums use an interesting tom and bass beat, before progressing into an off-time pattern. These patterns continue throughout the song. The lack of Neige's vocals is interesting, but the song is still great.

Overall, the album is an atmospheric masterpiece. Herbst and Neige are composing geniuses. The song Pulse/Surreal has lyrics that are about a homeless person and their streets, their home. The name Lantlôs means "homeless". I like the connection between the two. If you haven't bought this album, buy it. Buy it now.