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Lamp of Murmuur / Ebony Pendant - Plenilunar Requiems

A mix of raw black metal and melancholic black metal - 95%

Slater922, April 3rd, 2022
Written based on this version: 2022, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

Well, I've finally gotten around to reviewing Lamp of Murmuur and Ebony Pendant, so I figured I'd review this latest split they did called "Plenilunar Requiems". As per usual with my split reviews, the artists will be reviewed separately.

Ebony Pendant
Ebony Pendant is a black metal band based in Seattle. Now, unlike LOM, I haven't really gotten much into the band besides their only studio album "Incantation of Eschatological Mysticism". But after hearing this split, I think they did a pretty great job. Right from the first track "Resplendent Fountain of Anguished Tears", we hear the guitar riffs play some melancholic guitar riffs that are excellent at mixing in melody and raw black metal. The drums, meanwhile, beat more slower, but are fantastic at leading in a slow, epic tempo. Even the bass is great, as not only does it provide a great foundation to the track, but it also follows along the guitars a lot better than many other black metal bass tracks. I also really like S.C.'s vocals, as while he does utilize the typical high-pitched black metal shrieks, he executes them very well, especially in the first two tracks. With "Perished Spirits Dissolving Into Moonlight" in particular, the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the track mixes very well to S.C.'s shrieks about the spirits dying in the moonlight. Even the outro "Op. 28, No. 4 (Chopin)" was striking, since the acoustic guitar playing a slow, chilling riff went well with the cold echoes and synths in the background. I enjoyed Ebony Pendant's side very much, as its more gloomy and melodic style was very appealing.

Lamp of Murmuur
Lamp of Murmuur, meanwhile, has continued to gain some buzz in the black metal scene for his unique mix of black metal with gothic influences, and he continues this style of black metal in this split. Starting off with the track "Riding Towards Thee Titanic Diadem", we see that LOM leans a bit more towards a rawer style. The guitar riffs sound more raw and minimalistic, so its sound execution is dirty and angry. The drums are also more powerful in their beats, so the blastbeats sound more fierce and furious than on previous releases. The bass, however, is more difficult to hear when compared to other releases, but when you hear them, you'll find that they follow along the guitars very well. While these instrumentals are very powerful, what really sold me was the vocals. M. is well known for having some very strong vocal performances, especially on "Submission and Slavery", but even for him, he really goes above and beyond here. Rather than do typical high-pitched shrieks, his shrieks are more low-toned and adds in some ugly gurgling. These types of vocals are particularly strong in the track "Nocturnal Vengeance", where the instrumentals are more epic and melodic in the atmosphere. M.'s vocals only further enhance the tone of the track, and his flow in the track is especially amazing. And let's not forget about the final track "And Anguish... Always Anguish", which plays a nice, calming acoustic guitar that serves as a nice closer to a rather abrasive and raw record. LOM's side of the split is fantastic overall, and I'd argue is where his best work resides at.

Overall, both of these sides on this split were fantastic. While Ebony Pendant persisted with its melancholic sound that's in the vain of Këkht Aräkh and Judas Iscariot, Lamp of Murmuur surprised me with its more raw take on the gothic-stylized black metal sound he does. Whether you're a fan of chill black metal or raw black metal, both of the sides on this split are excellent, and I won't have a problem recommending listening to both of them.