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My Welcome to Metal - 91%

NekrotikSovl, January 26th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Nuclear Blast

This album is undeniably one of Lamb of God's best works. Good music tends to come from rough times, what with Randy Blythe, his charges of manslaughter and getting locked up. The majority of people believed that that would be the end of Lamb of God, but in 2015 they released VII: Sturm und Drang with goes to show that being accused of murder and going through hell won't stop them. "512" become a Lamb of God classic about Randy's time in prison, with hard hammering lyrics.

This was my welcoming into the wonderful world of metal, although I had no idea about the whole accidentally killing a fan situation until later. Being the youngin that I was, I saw a classmate who was almost always wearing the same Lamb of God shirt. Naturally, I got curious and eventually looked them up, it was the most intense music I have ever heard. Granted, Lamb of God is not the heaviest thing out there in the world of metal, but when you grow up listening to indie rock it is quite shocking. At first, I didn't really know how to feel about it as I had never heard vocals like that. I was drawn to it all the same. The vocals are discernible and angry, varying in volume depending on the song like the volume switches in "Still Echoes." Overall, the vocals are good and don't sound too forced. Nothing is worse than the sound of a vocalist nearly silent wheezing in a record or having to take huge breaths that can be clearly heard. It feels as if Randy is pushing himself to do different things with his voice without it sounding too experimental and out of his comfort zone.

What surprised me as a clueless future metalhead was how good the production quality for such loud music. The vocals don't blend into the instruments, but at the same time don't stand out too much either. You can clearly hear the notes of the guitars with no muddy blending of the music. The drums shine through as very well written but under control. Chris Adler did a great job on this album, creating great headbangers like "Erase This" and "Engage the Fear Machine". Overall, it seems like the communication and relationships between the different sounds and musicians seem very well executed. The guitars complement the drums and vocals very nicely which I feel like they had a lacking is some of their previous albums. My favorite song on this album is most definitely "Embers." I especially like how Randy changes up his vocal style throughout the song. It truly seems to give it new layers as far as quality goes.

Lamb of God's VII: Sturm und Drang includes newer lyrical experimentation by Randy Blythe, great drum work by Chris Adler and such a great heavy hitting sound. This is such a good album to be for my welcoming in the world of metal. Nothing could stop Lamb of God from writing a great album fueled by grief, anger, and pain. The passion expressed through this album is just incredible.