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Meh...not for in-depth listening... - 65%

literamaniac91, December 15th, 2007

This is an album for background listening, a pointless soundtrack to headbanging as some reviewers have stated. It is bland, mediocre, and reeks of wannabe-ism. But it's so damn fun. If you are in the proper mood, this album could provide a suitable soundtrack for you to just headbang and enjoy yourself.

I don't feel I should do a track-by-track as this is frowned upon here, not to's kinda pointless here. There are 11 tracks and they all pretty much follow the same pattern. Chugging intro with a simplistic lead line over it, Randy Blythe screams over the verses, "rousing" chorus, breakdown, maybe some lead lines, repeat ad nauseum. A few songs however deserve mention. Mostly within the second half of the album, they break the monotony somewhat.

"Blood of the Scribe" and "What I've Become" pick up the pace a little bit tempo-wise, and keep you from falling asleep somewhat. "One Gun" has a cool enough solo, but "Break You" is more boring groove bullshit. "Ashes of the Wake" has good guitarwork and no sign of Randy Blythe to my great relief. I say "good guitarwork" because Alex Skolnick and Chris Poland play guest solos on this track. Lamb of God's leads aren't that bad themselves either. "Remorse Is for the Dead" is only worth mentioning for the clean guitar intro, which is the only clean passage in the whole album.

The disappointment however, is that all the songs sound the same and the few songs that break the pattern ("Blood of the Scribe" and "What I've Become") sound exactly like each other. And then there's the ridiculously monotonous "Omerta". Whereas most of the songs follow a pattern, "Omerta" just chugs endlessly. Most boring song on the whole album. "Break You" is a close second.

To sum up, this band clearly settles for mediocrity when they have potential. Ditch Blythe, and try to sound thrashier, you'll have my attention instead of my indifference. This music is background noise to my bored rowdiness, nothing more, nothing less. And in the end, don't we want more as metalheads? I recommend this as listening if you're really bored one day and just wanna have some background noise, it's easy music to ignore...close your eyes and you might not even notice the songs changing. But I personally would rather listen to something else.

Stand-outs (if you can call them that): "Blood of the Scribe", "One Gun", "What I've Become", "Ashes of the Wake"