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1 Song, 11 Different Titles - 20%

ShadowsFallen, October 22nd, 2005

That is all this album is. 1 song, 11 different titles.

I was intrigued about all the hype about this. People were calling this fast, heavy as hell, and incredibly technical. Unfortunately, when I gave this a listen, I found that this album really isn't any of those. Sure, songs are heavy and moderately fast, but technical? Not at all. These guys can palm mute, and they do it for the entire duration of the album.

The album kicks off promisingly. In the beginning I was rather impressed with their unique style of playing. Unfortunately, the album went on, and every song sounded identical to the last. Each one was chugging and screaming with no soloing and really no means of variation. The title track is one of the only songs with soloing, and consequently is really the only one that sticks out. All the other songs are a few minutes of the lame "chugga-chugga" riffing that we've heard from the five songs before it. It's obvious that these guys have musical talent. Their drummer sounded good, and the guitar was sweet when they decided to actually do something. Unfortunately, they chose not to use it, and opted to stay with one set formula throughout the entire album.

I have no problem with the genre debate over them. These guys are metal, plain and simple, nothing -core about them. What kills me is that this is what is becoming popular in the metal scene. People who don't know much about metal will here this before anything decent and assume that this is what metal is. I must say this frightens me. Metal has so many variations and opportunities it's incredible. Why these guys chose to replicate one song and dub it an album is beyond me. Had they crafted 11 completely different songs, I think I would like this. The first song I hear I like it, the second I like it even more, but by the third I'm just waiting for something new. Unfortunately, it doesn't deliver.