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Best CD ever - 95%

Hytopsis, June 25th, 2008

Lamb of God just made one of those albums when you listen to the first song; you're instantly drawn to listen to the rest of the songs. This album is by far better and more challenging for the band than other pieces they have made. The CD itself is probably the best album they have made in the history of Lamb of God

Randy's vocals seem to have improved a lot since "As The Palaces Burn". Randy's voice sounds stronger, with more emotion than before. They are on their way to become a very successful band if they keep work like this up. I do ask that Randy never clean sings because it’s just not his thing. I’d say just keep on screaming Randy because he has a pure talent for his high pitched growls. In the song Omerta I loved the beginning of the song. Here is a part from the beginning intro “Whoever appeals against this law is either a fool or a coward…” So and, and so forth it’s a genius thing to do.

The guitarist in the band has definitely improved as well. They seem to do more complicated rifts than before. Their solos are by far some of the best I’ve heard. In songs “Laid To Rest”, and “One Gun” Both of their guitarists work and sound well together with very impressive solos. They have a driving force behind their music that makes you want to listen to it again and again. This band is a very unique band, and I can sense that they have a very thrashy kind of feel to the band which makes them very interesting to listen to.

John Campbell the bassist for Lamb of God is perfect. Absolutely nothing wrong with how he sounds. It is in perfect sync with Chris Adler AKA Lamb of Gods Drummer. It his toned right and played perfectly, and some of the rifts are actually kind of hard to play for bass. In my opinion he is absolutely perfect for this band.

The drummer, which in my opinion is one of my favorite drummers of all time, can play almost any style of music. Every beat I hear from him is impressive. I have been drumming for 5 years now and what Chris Adler does is still hard to do. He never sounds off when he plays he is on tempo very time. In the song One Gun his drumming is amazing and perfectly executed with every other member of the band.

All in all the band is well on their way to becoming very big, being sold in many stores like Target, or Best Buy. Which they deserve it they are a very impressive Thrash/Death band. Everyone in the band has given all they have for this talented band and in my opinion I believe it worked for them. Randy, Willie, John, Chris, and Mark are all talented musicians and they are a very impressive band.