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More of the Same, But Still Much Better - 93%

Headbangingcorpse, November 17th, 2004

Ah, after “As the Palaces Burn” by Lamb of God, comes Ashes of the Wake. I’ve always been a fan of LOG since I first bought one of their albums, so I was really eager to check this one out. I’m slightly surprised, not as happy as I expected, but I am also really impressed. This is pretty much similar to the shit on ATPB, but in a way, a lot better.

First, the production is fucking awesome, same guitar and drum sounds as on their previous album. Vocals are fully audible, and do not block out the other instruments. Now onto the music...

One thing is for sure on this CD, all the members have improved a decent amount on what they play, especially Randy (vocalist). On “New American Gospel”, their first CD using their new name Lamb of God, the vocals were very high pitched and leaned a lot more towards hardcore-type style, and at times were low. Those vocals were awesome, but he changed on ATPB, using mostly the semi-guttural ones, and very rarely went high pitched. But on this album, he shines. It’s amazing how much better he got. His low sounds pretty much the same, but there is incredible variation. He screams high pitched a lot, and is very good at it. There are also extended growls that go from low to high, and sound really fucking angry. Vocals are a huge up to AOTW.

Guitars are like they’ve always been-fast, angry, and all over the place. But one thing I like more on this than on ATPB is that the tunes are a lot catchier, and you can really headbang. The riffs even get just a little bit technical at some point in “Hourglass”, which by the way is one of the best on the album. Also, LOG was never really into soloing, and there are around 2 or 3 on ATPB the last time I checked. But there are a bit more solos here and there, and there’s even an instrumental with some dialogue. So the guitar work is catchy and kick ass.

Drumming...Chris Adler did a great job on NAG and ATPB, and is once again awesome, with a lot of double bass, and no blast beats :P (though I love blast beats).

So basically, “Ashes of the Wake” is pretty much an extension of ATPB, but just a lot better in my opinion. They get a 93 for making a decently successful album. Though I would like some variation in their next. If you’re a Lamb of God fan, you should definitely buy this...or download it illegally...And by the way, their single “Laid to Rest” is fucking bullshit compared to the rest of the CD, so don’t judge them by their singles.