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Dissapointing for LoG - 80%

Egregius, October 10th, 2004

I'm a big Lamb of God fan I guess, so I'll be the first to say that this album is good, but dissapointing. It seems they've taken the winning formula from their last album, and simply ran with it for another album with slight changes, but no significant improvements.

We've still got the face-kicking riffs with technical precision, but somehow the second time I'm hearing this sound doesn't impress as much as the first. I'm still hearing great drumwork from Chris Adler, but his role seems more that of an accompanying rythm instrument than that of a seperate instrument with his own soundniche. It's still top-notch, and there are hidden drum-noodles, but you got to search for the treats. Randy Blythe still screeches like a motherfucker, and is even MORE intelligible this time around, but he's not the Christopher Walken-esque essence of barely held back physical violence like on the last album.

There's some amazing music on this disc, as for example Hourglass. Old fashionedly good, it starts off very familiar, too familiar, but then after the one and a half minute mark it really kicks off, and builds into a beast of a metal track with instruments layered over eachother so that they enforce eachother untill it explodes into an orgasm of metalness at the end of it.

Then again, by contrast, 'Now You've Got Something To Die For' seems a bit too formulaic for Lamb of God, a bit too anthemic even. And when I say formulaic for Lamb of God, I mean it's pretty amazing music, but I've heard it done before. So the whole album leaves me a bit ambivalent. Nice that I've got more material to feed my LoG fetish, but there's a bit of diminishing returns at work here. It also seems slightly simpler, but that could just be the familiarity kicking in.

One new element that had me wondering though, was the spoken intro to Omerta about Honor, revealing that this band playing 'American Metal' still has a link to hardcore. But that's just a dumb comment to close this review with.