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Burning more than palaces - 90%

Needled247, August 24th, 2004

Lamb of God has certainly had a history. They're "just a bunch of rednecks how like to play metal." Watch Terror and Hubris, and you'll have new found respect for Lamb of God. This CD has intense riffs and crazy screaming. In Ruin, the first scream lasts for 15 seconds, and rips through two octaves. The crazy brutality that not many other people can meet and the insane riffs that only Lamb of God could have made make this album one of the best ever.

If this CD isn't on your collection, I'd go buy it today.

Ruin - This song starts out with heavy assed guitar and bass, and of course the best scream that I've ever heard. Some people would say that it sounds too scratchy, but a raspy voice suonds kind of cool on this album. The guitar fills in with brutality, and the end of the song where the slow part comes is even really good.

As the Palaces Burn - We're a generation of pacified fools, and Lamb of God makes that clear t ous through this track. As the Palaces Burn is 2:24 of good lyrics, drums that shred you into pieces, and guitar lines that fit perfectly with the fast paced rythym.

Purified - One of the best songs to headbang to. Yet again this song is brutal, as are all of the songs on this album. I like the way that this songs beggining is written, and the rest of hte song carries your attention through miles of chaos.

Eleventh Hour - Bein gthe best song on the CD, it starts with some heavy drums and godlike guitar. It soon brings you into a drum beat that is common, yet awesome. This is the next to perfect song for the moshpit. And only Lamb of God could have the best two. (WALL OF DEATH) The best part of this song is the few seconds of bridge between the first and second half of the song. Its heavy and hard-hitting. (enough said)

For Your Malice - This song is like the happy break at the end of four pulverizing songs. Although it was meant to be a slower song, the tempo is tsill pretty fast, and the happy part only lasts a few seconds. Its right back to the brutality. I'm not complaining.

Boot Scraper - The intro to this song is heavy and fun. It lasts for all of 32 seconds until the part where this song starts to take off. It gets much better after the begging, and it maintains the heavy part for the rest of the song. Ther could have been better drums parts, and some better riffs, but its a decent song over all.

A Devil in God's Country - Devin Townsend got a little crazy when he helped make this record. If you couldn't tell, this is Devin Townsed, of Strapping Young Lad, singing. He helped make the track, so they let him sing for trhe recording. He's used to a different style of metal, but he swtill sounds good on this, and there are parts where I can't make the disticntion between the two singers.

In Defense of Our Good Name - This song defends Lamb of God's reputation like nothing else. Its heavy and has good instrumentals. Its back to John singing, but I'm not complaining. Drums have a good sound in this song for some reason not known to me. In the middle when the song starts to wind down, you can tell that there's going to be a nice fast paced and heavy ending to that phrase.

Blood Junkie - This song isn't as heavy as the others are, but it still rocks. Its the downwinding part of the album, and its a damn good song to do it with. It gets you ready for a break from the brutality, and Vigil will help you with that.

Vigil - Starting out with the begging it does, you would think that this cd would end on an easy note. But if you know Lamb of God, they can't go a day without a faster and heavier riff. They were just kidding, they wanted you to have good thoughts of this cd, and they did a good job of it.

Buy this if you dont have it. It can just plain murder most metal bands. The happy break is followed by a heavier and beter song, and every time you think they're going to go soft on you, they get better than before. Great album worthy of your music, and better than your everyday metal band.