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Oh well, another wasted £7 - 30%

Mushypeawarrior, February 3rd, 2007

This album really disappointed me. I bought Sacrament first and thought to myself "Wow, now I know why Townsend had a go with these guys. This stuff is awesome!". So, after hearing a hype about this particular album, I picked it up and popped it in the cd player.

The first song "Ruin", sounded like a typical lamb of god song, great start, nice thrashy riff to get into it. Near the end, an awesome thrashy part comes in when everything speeds up. It was at this point that this whole album fell to pieces. After Ruin, everything sounds pretty much exactly the same. Same tempos, same key, same riffs with one or two notes changed slightly, or a random bend in it.

I was confused! Devin Townsend helped produce this album. Devin Townsend LIKES this album. What in gods name is going on!? Dev is famous for his super slick production on his music, from Ocean Machine onward, and I for one am a large fan. But this just takes the piss. I can't even begin to understand why someone so solid and knowledgable in music would decide to shittily produce large, repetetive piles of shit from the earlier staged gaping shithole that was lamb of god.

After the first 4 songs, I started skipping songs once I got bored of them. The rest of the album then summed up to about four minutes by doing this. Seriously, if you've heard Sacrament and like it, don't go back from it, this stuff is lamb of god in an era of time where they have no ability to make anything but one song over and over again. It's a large giveaway since most of the songs are in 3/4 and the ones that are in 4/4 sound like they should be in 3/4. People will argue and say "NOE!1 RUIN IZ IN 12/8 U DUM AZZ!1!!1" when 12/8 is pretty much 3/4, just with longer bars. It makes no different of it's 6/4, 6/8, 12/4, 3/8 or whatever, it's still the same beat, which - in turn - is repeated throughout the album. Not that I have something against 3/4 time signatures, but when they're used over and over again in the same style that these guys do, it's just tedious.

The reason I actually gave this album a few marks was for one reason, Chris Adler. If it was a whole drums album, I'd give it better marks. The drums on this album are absolutely superb and sound great. Townsend also gets marks here for this production. The snare power on this is mighty and the kick drums slam away and add some real power to the guitars, even if the guitars have no power and weight on their own. It's Adler that keeps this album partially alive, luckily enough.

The whole band (except Randy) are pretty talented. I can't argue that Willie Adler isn't a good guitarist. The solo on "Purified" is exceptional. I can hear a vague Meshuggah influence in this solo, particularly from Stengah's solo off the Nothing album. A lot of whammy bar usage and legato. The bass is another issue I have with the album though, which I will discuss next.

The bass is just not there at all. In Ruin, you can hear a nice solid bassline along with the guitars and it makes a good pillar to place the guitars on top of.Come the next track, where's it gone? Has it been pushed back in the mix like the vocals? All I hear are the airy sounding, bad produced guitars that sound as though they were recorded outside on a windy day. Maybe the bass could've saved this album a bit more, but it's left me thinking that the bassist snapped his strings halway through Ruin and didn't have enough time to run to the shop and get some more. The volume of everything is yet again another issue I have with this band. The guitars are far too loud in the mix, and had they been turned down, this album would be so much more listenable as well as the vocals being heard properly and the bass existing.

Either way, I didn't enjoy this album, and if your metal standards are high, then don't bother with this album, it's nothing special, and neither are lamb of gods writing abilites. They're just a band with lots of potential but nothing to do with it.