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Astonishingly expressive - 90%

Rasc, December 13th, 2012

DSBM is a particularly expressive genre, trusting a lot in depth to get the message across. For each band of the style that succeeds in that, there's a whole universe of bands (many very famous in the whole black metal scene) that simply don't, and instead of hitting you with their despair, just seem to want to show you they're "kind of suffering". Lamúria Abissal is definitely one of the very expressive ones.

I'd describe their music style as some heavy black metal with a lot of feeling in the interacting guitar and keyboard lines, creating a deep feeling of dragged music. Despite being a relatively new branch of black metal, Lamúria Abissal can be considered an "old school" DSBM band, due to their heavy influence from the seminal Swedish bands Shining and Silencer.

The lyrics are probably what drags attention the most in their music. Instead of being versified as a normal piece of music, they are sung in a continuous and discompassed way, just like a truly depressed person would take his anguishes out of his chest. Despite being so natural, the lyrics are still very poetic. Here, being the band Brazilian, we can feel some influence of Ultra-Romanticism, a Portuguese-language XIX-century movement known for being dark and self-destructive.

This demo starts with a rant, when the singer brainstorms all his feelings of depression, shocking and introducing the listener to their whole music. After a long agonising time, the accelerated guitar riff of the second track (particularly, my favorite one) and a shriek of pain announce the start of the cold DSBM the band plays. This track differs from the two following tracks for having a switch of moods and heaviness all throughout the song.

The third track is the heaviest one, it's not as atmospheric and the melody not as innovative as the two others, but these don't affect the song's quality, and, on the other hand, I can say these lyrics are the touchiest ones, and probably the most personal lyrics of all.

The last track starts with another arpeggio, as if the accelerated anger of the previous tracks had gone a bit softer, back to the intro. The intro of this song is broken by their heavy riffs, followed by the vocals, singing lyrics about suicide. This track is the one with the smallest appearance of vocals, giving a special focus to the excellent instrumentation, alternating between different kinds of riffs and keyboard licks.

"Cânticos de um além abismo" is a great demo, that shows talent in making DSBM with great lyrics, good instrumentation, deep feeling and a level of communication between tracks.