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Faith in heavy metal and it's fans = dying fast - 1%

BloodIronBeer, November 27th, 2007

There are three reasons I generally choose to write a review for a particular album.

1. It's outstanding in quality, and no one seems to notice.

2. It's horrendous, and no one seems to notice.

3. It's an outside-the-box, totally different album, and no one seems to notice.

4. Because I damn well feel like it.

This album falls into category number 2. Obviously, I accept the simple fact that people have a difference in opinion. Simple enough. But when something is this astoundingly idiotic and receives praise, a bit of my faith in this music dies an agonizing death.

My first question to anyone who thinks this is more destructive than a wrecking ball to the groin would be - have you ever heard of Swedish death metal?

I don't know how you could give anyone an ounce of credit for a ridiculously distorted guitar sound. I think anyone that could pass a third grade math test could hook nine distortion pedals in series and crank the "overdrive" knob up all the way. I'm not impressed.

To me heaviness is more in aggression and passion, or riffs that just exude attitude (both of which this band is completely exhausted on). I'm pretty sure that's why metalcore and nu-metal bands tune down to C and B. And if that's heaviness - then I've heard heavier nu-metal.

But what the band may have in grittiness of tone, they lack in aggression and spirit. It's not slow or sorrowful enough to be called doom. The riffs don't have the attack and picking of death metal. It's certainly doesn't resembles anything thrash. It's just uneventful "heavy" music.

The vocalist I believe is going for an 80's Tampa style but comes off sounding more like your friendly neighborhood floor-punching hardcore kid. Easily some of the saddest vocals I've heard in recent history. The level of musicianship and song writing is abysmal. The riffs are lowbrow, and the structures are verse-chorus-verse throughout. The drums maintain a lumbering pace. The riffs never stray into anything interesting in melody, harmony, rhythm or tone. Nor do they vary a great deal. Every facet of this music is marked by the obvious absence of creativity, passion or skill - these guys are absolutely devoid of talent.

As I realize that there are people who cannot see that this is the absolute nadir of musical talent (or creativity, integrity and passion) I question what I am doing writing reviews for metal in the first place. I know metal is where my heart is, no question about it. Though it’s moments like these I wish I could change that. I wonder if maybe my time wouldn’t be better spent in the pursuit of the classical arts and the violin on the other side of the room.