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So close to being amazing... - 60%

grimdoom, January 13th, 2009

As far as DVDs go, this is a very different experience to behold. This DVD, while far from ground breaking, is pleasantly different from anything else these eyes have seen. However, it sadly falls short of being the best band DVD release of the year for a few reasons.

The live portion is very good, and a great point of reference for any who haven't seen the band to know what they've missed thus far. The songs are flawless and Christina’s voice is amazing. The only two complaints are one, there are backing vocals that do some of the highs on a few songs. Mostly they add the chorus to songs that have her singing 3 or 4 different lines at once. This is annoying because this is Metal, not pop. The other annoyance is that 98% of the set list is 'Karmacode' with one track from Unleashed Memories and one from Comalies. This is to be expected of course as they are a band that plays mostly new songs when they play live. It would've been nice to hear more from the aforementioned albums, or even their debut 'In Reverie'. This is easily the biggest turn off of the entire DVD.

The crowed if very responsive and rock out as the band plays. The band are very energetic and feed off the crowds participation. Some of the drawbacks however are the band bending over and Headbanging the same way that Korn do and Andre's very pathetic "Lacuna Coil in the house" statement. But fashion and poses aside he does a good job of MCing as he does the bulk of the talking between songs. Christina doe the bulk of her participation at the end of their set.

The band member section is something totally unique to this band/DVD in that each of the band members gives you a glimpse into their lives and shows you something important to them. One thing that stands out is their Italian pride. Its humbling and very inspiring to see a group of young people so in touch with who they are and where they are from that they go out of their way to show you their home. This is a recurring theme throughout the DVD.

Christina is first and she explains how she (along with some of the band) are helping people in Kenya to dig wells. She is a totally different person than the one seen on stage and in photos. She appears without makeup in many of the shots and is very comfortable with herself. This is a breath of fresh air to any who have viewed anything on TV where a popular female is being featured. She has no makeup in many of the shots and is still a beautiful woman. She is very much in the girl next door category, and as such is very down to earth, silly and real. She's very passionate about what she does and shows that she's beyond genuine in her 2-5 minute segment.

Andre is the next on the list and takes the view on a tour through Milan. This is cool but very low budget and is little more than him holding a camcorder while being driven around his home town explaining some of the more culturally significant points of his city. The only real draw back is that the sound is horrible and a lot of what he says is lost to background noise.

Cristiano is next and he shows us his home (a very simple and pretty structure) as well as some various places around his home. His segment is similar to Andre's except he's not touring Milan and his sound is better. Where he takes the viewer is mostly open land and more touristy villas. The landscape is breathtaking and again, one can't help but feel that he has nothing but love for his home. On a funnier point, while eating at a bistro the camera catches two pigeons copulating (very funny for some reason).

Marco (the other guitarist) has the following segment and its a mixture of self-indulgent camp and stupidity. It starts with him taking his guitar to a field and playing soccer with it. This is silly since the guitar blocks one of his kicks. There is some poor stop motion animation where the guitar walks down the hallway towards him (on a stand of course). It shows his day and how he wastes it doing nothing but playing guitar, watching animie and (sadly) getting stoned. Arguably the best part of this is during the credits of his segment when he's having sex with his guitar (brandishing fuzzy handcuffs prior to the start). Again, depending on your mood, this will either illicit giggles or groans as these guys don't take themselves seriously.

Bassist Marco takes center stage as a drunk having a while night on the town. This again is total camp with considerably less humor than his prior clip but is still in the same spirit of fun as the others. There is a humorous disclaimer about his antics at the beginning as well.

Lastly we come to Drummer Cristiano's piece. His more or less shows him and his martial arts master practicing his second passion, Chinese martial arts. This is interesting at best because he does all of the motions at a moderately fast speed which takes more control and concentration than it does to go fast. This is finished up with "words of wisdom from the master" which is nothing more them his howling Jack Russell Terrier.

The clips are fairly short ranging from about 3-7 minutes and varying in degrees of quality. Christina's is by far the most serious while the others tend to be more light hearted about what they are doing. One complaint is that on Christina's clip there is a song from the band that is alien to these ears. There are a few bits and pieces here and there that sound as if they could be from the bands upcoming album. The rest of the segments have 'Karmacode' as their soundtrack with the exception of Cristiano's which has one or two excerpts from 'Unleashed Memories'. Other than that this is a very entertaining piece of Lacuna Coil.

Along with all this revelry, there are also glimpses into the bands first forays to Japan and Australia. Both of which show the band having a great time and being greeted by countless fans at both in store signings and live shows. We also get to see the makings of the 'Our Truth' and 'Closer' videos, both of which are rather amusing in their own rights.

All in all this is an excellent DVD and a fun experience into the existence of the band. The biggest complaints are the set list and the beyond retarded "Enter the Coil" segment on the DVD that requires you to locate a code somewhere in the 4-5 page booklet to enter said area. Unless you're the guy from 'A Beautiful Mind' your probably not going to find it. As such, that little pain in the ass alone drops the over all score by a considerable amount (from a 90 something to about a 60 maybe 70 something). Fans shouldn't have play detective after spending $20-$30 to see something unless it’s on a video game.