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Doom! - 100%

grimdoom, March 29th, 2008

Beautiful, depressing and undeniably Doom are the best words to describe the masterwork know as 'Unleashed Memories'. The vocals and instruments meld in such a way that one cannot help but stop and listen to this album as a whole, every time they listen to it.

The production is very good, certainly above their last album and unlike their last album this one expands on its ideas. The guitars aren't incredibly heavy throughout, but are when necessary. Mostly they are melodic and harmonious. There are several leads and even a solo amidst a deep atmosphere of unique yet relaxed chord progressions.

The bass does a pretty good job of keeping things interesting, however it does follow the drums more than it should. The Drums are incredibly well done and extremely creative. Between the four musicians very intricate and fragile songs are created. (There is also some random keyboard thrown in to good effect from time to time).

The vocals are of course spectacular as Christina fully comes into her own. Her sultry voice is both powerful and coy at the same time. Andreas vocals are cleaner than they were on 'In Reverie' but they work well. He is slightly less prominent as well.

This album is very laid back and given its intensity thats an accomplishment all by itself. The music is pure Doom Metal, where the "Gothic" tag comes from is unknown. The riffs are slow and down tempo, the lyrics are despair ridden and the vibe is killer.