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Their most inspired work - 92%

Dulthasil, April 23rd, 2008

Unleashed memories is one of those rare albums that sounds good regardless of the quantity of listens. It is an album you can frequently come back to and discover something new each time, it is very refreshing to have an album where filler is absent. Each track has its own individual appeal.

The overall feel is relatively morose and minor but for some reason it is oddly uplifting and inspiring. The guitar work on the album is the one part I feel should have been more prominent, if listened to intently it becomes clear that Lacuna Coil use the ideas of counter-melody and syncopation very effectively; the lead guitar really should be higher in the mix.

The whole album is full of purpose and direction but still surprises you with sections that cut across the rest and give that sensation that only truly brilliant albums do. “When a Dead Man walks” is one of the finest songs Lacuna Coil has written, it really is difficult to fault this album if you are looking at it from a gothic metallers perspective. I’m sure a lot of basement dwelling black metalheads would have a problem with this, but their opinion is hardly objective on the subject.

The vocals are an improvement on the original, it is clear that Christina Scabbia has a truly unique and beautiful voice and it adds allot to Lacuna Coil. The male vocals are used sparingly and to good effect providing a good contrast to Scabbia's vocals. This is one of the high points of the album and although many say Andrea adds nothing and would prefer just Christina, he does add colour to an already colourful formula.

This contains variation, something that for a while in metal has been a somewhat dirty word. From the soft "Purify" to the heavy "Sezafine" this album goes beyond what’s 'expected' using ideas previously rare in metal, it is to say, a blast of fresh air.

It is unfortunate that Karmacode does not reserve the soul of Lacuna Coil, the production itself is not brilliant but this adds to the music as over production causes the music to lose feel. It is a thoroughly enjoyable release and one of the finest of the gothic metal genre, a classic.