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Beautiful and relaxing. - 70%

Alcohol, August 19th, 2007

This is a really wonderful album, it really is. It breaks my heart to listen to knowing that the same band put out Karmacode and Comalies. What the hell happened?

Now, the first thing I'm going to say is, this album as far as I know isn't any genre of metal, and if it's metal it's not heavy at all. There's hardly any distorted guitars here, and when they are it's usually to provide background chords to add to the strength of a particular passage. The guitarwork on this album is typically Opeth style fingerpicking progressions, but far less boring. The beats are sometimes industrial sounding, like a strange mix on an electric drumkit, and also sometimes acoustic.

The clear highlight of this album though would have to be Cristina's vocals. She has pipes of gold, but doesn't flaunt them unnecessarily, which is a great trait. Her vocals here are pleasant, atmospheric, haunting, gloomy, and quite simply incredible. Her voice is just so pleasing to listen to (well it used to be, she's an annoying bitch on Karmacode). Andrea's male vocals are a bit unnecessary with Cristina in the band. Sure he's not bad, but she's just so stellar and in comparison makes him sound terrible.

The song structure on this album is also far better than their later works. The songs aren't typical chorus / verse style structures, but diverse journeys through an atmosphere of musical wonder!

There's not a tad of nu-metal on this album, it's pure gothic atmospheric rock, and it's beautiful. Definitely different and far superior to their later works. I recommend it if you like mellow shit and can appreciate beautiful female vocals. Sure it's a bit poppy, but it's quality stuff.